Tesco first in the queue for sweet free checkouts in January 2015

Tuesday 27th January, 2015

As you may all have noticed/ saw the planograms, since the 1st of January we have had no sweets at our checkouts in all of our 148 stores!

This follows our commitment made last year to be the first Irish retailer to completely remove all sweets and unhealthy treats from our checkout area, as part of our on-going work to make Ireland a healthier place. Instead, we have packed the shelves with popcorn, fruit, nuts, and seasonal medicine to help reduce the impulse buying of chocolate that a lot of adults and children find very difficult to resist! We used an E.U. approved traffic light system to decide what qualified as healthy, and our customers have been happy with the result.

Speaking at its official launch today, our Corporate Affairs Director Christine Heffernan said ‘Since we announced our commitment to removing sweets and chocolates from our checkouts in May we have been trialling healthy snacks such as popcorn, dried fruits and nuts, healthy breakfast and lunch options and a range of health & beauty products to replace sweets at the checkouts. We are committed to giving customers as much nutritional information as we can both in stores and on our product packaging to ultimately make it easier in stores for shoppers to make healthy choices.”

We were also praised on Operation Transformation as well- click to 6 mins and 13 seconds below to see our Personnel and IT Director Geraldine Casey talk about it on tonight’s episode.


What do you think of our move? Is there anything else you think should be there now? Tell us in the comments below!