Welcome To OurTesco!!

Friday 27th February, 2015

Hi everyone,

Welcome to OurTesco! I’m really happy to be finally able to share this brand new website with you all. My name is Eimear, and it’s been my job for the past 5 months to develop this website for us all. I’m currently on the Graduate Programme, and have been working in Head Office since September. I started out in the stores as a Produce Manager in Balbriggan Extra, and I’d like to think having experience working in the two has given me an insight into what a good website should look like for all of us!

OurTesco is a website just for us colleagues. We can share our pictures and videos, of anything from a charity event you’re holding or a brilliant display you’ve built with produce! It has all of our policies, so if you ever want to check something, they’re right here for you. All of the great benefits we’re entitled to and when we can get them are also on here, so if you’re wondering whether you’re entitled to a new bike or if you need to update your privilege card, here’s where you can find out how.

We’ll also be posting Tesco news on the site- you’d be surprised how interesting it can be to read about us being mentioned in the papers, or to hear all about our new product launches or any awards we win! I really think having all of this so easily available to us now first-hand will be great.

My favourite section is the Community Page! When I was working in the stores I always thought about how great it would be to get updates on how we’re doing on fund raising as a whole company or how it would have been so helpful to be able to read all about the background to FoodCloud when it launched. And here it is now!

We have loads of information on The Community Fund, as well as all our work around food surplus. We have lots and lots on our Charity of the Year partnership with Temple Street, from videos to pictures and more! We’re going to be posting the totals raised by each store every month, as well as a running total of the full amount! (Balbriggan Extra is the number 1 store at the moment, if anyone’s wondering!!).

I genuinely have loved my role in building this website – I’ve gotten loads of feedback from you on what it is you’d like to see, and I’ve done my best to incorporate it all on here for you. I know that it can be difficult to keep up to date with all that happens in Tesco and with your colleagues, but I really hope this will help that!

If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see more or less of, I’d love to know! You can always contact me at InternalCommunications-ROI@ie.tesco.com with any questions or ideas you have.

So have a look around, and I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed building it!