Helpful & Friendly Friday Week 40

Friday 1st December, 2017

Each week we receive fantastic feedback from our customers who take the time to thank colleagues who have gone the extra mile to provide helpful and friendly service, here are some of the highlights from this week:

Dan, Terenure Metro – “Well, he helped explain the community fund system & helps with our Active IT Society fund raising as the Terenure Enterprise trains the over 55s how to use iPhones, iPads, how to use YT, how to tweet, book plane tickets, do surveys etc etc. Dan is very supportive & has great respect for us. We designed a calendar to celebrate 10 years doing this job as 45% of all the over 65’s have no clue how to use these essential products, so that we can fully participate in our lives, be able to communicate with our children & grandchildren at home in Ireland or in foreign countries.”


Maria, Navan – “My daughter is 3 years of age. Every week we have shopped at the same time on the weekend and more often than not we meet Maria at the checkout. She has always been extremely nice to both me and my daughter, so much so my daughter smiles and says hi to Maria every time they see each other. A nice community feeling.”



Don, Carlow – “He just was so friendly and helpful he was dealing with something different at the time and took the time to acknowledge me that he was going to assist me in one minute after he dealt with another customer he came straight back to me and helped me with my quarries and also carried my quite heavy basket for me to the till without me asking.”


Caroline, Tipperary – “She was extremely friendly and helpful and she went out of

her way to help me find a product. She saw that I was waiting so she came straight up to me and put my shopping through on another till which I thought was excellent customer service. I always feel very valued in this store as a customer.”




Sinead, Abbeyfeale – “She asked if I had a Tesco voucher. I didn’t but she recognised a Supervalu voucher sticking out of my wallet and pointed out that Tesco accepts them as well with certain exceptions like phone credit. Also Aldi Dunnes stores and other vouchers. I didn’t know that so was happy to learn that. She was very friendly in a normal conversational way.”




Niall, Roscommon –  “Very helpful and friendly I had a lot of items in my arms and was struggling to carry them to the checkout Niall came over and offered to bring the items to the self-scan for me without asking him for help”




Well done to all our colleagues who received customer feedback this week and to all those who go the extra mile to serve Ireland’s shoppers better every day!