Helpful & Friendly – 12 Days of Christmas (Day 11)

Saturday 23rd December, 2017

For our 11th Day, we would like to recognise Laura in our Lucan store.

Laura went above and beyond her usual helpful and friendly service and showed genuine care for a customer’s welfare when she helped a customer prevent a possibly life threatening incident:

“One particular morning Laura was on self-scans and a customer came in and Laura helped her with her shopping and she was chatting away, she had just been to the doctors across the road. Then she began to feel weak and dizzy so Laura brought her to the bench and got her some Lucozade she sat chatting to her for 30 mins until she felt better, she would not let Laura bring her back to the doctors and insisted on driving home so Laura  walked her to her car and told her to drive with the windows down and pull over if she felt dizzy again she only lived around the corner so after she left Laura ran over to the doctors and asked the receptionist to get Stuart (her doctor) to ring her in 5 mins to make sure she got home ok that she was after feeling dizzy in Tesco…….Laura didn’t see Christine again for about 4 weeks until the Hawaiian day when she told Laura that she saved her life, that she had to be taken of in an ambulance after the doctors phone call. There was something wrong with her heart and she spent a week or so in hospital.”


This Christmas we are ‘Helping Hosts Create Magic’. This starts with the fantastic Helpful and Friendly Service our colleagues offer in stores, never more important than at this time of year.

Over these 12 days of Christmas, each day we will share with you one of the many inspiring stories we receive of how our colleagues are Helping a Host Create Magic.

We will be recognising these colleagues every day on Store Manager Daily News and if you would like to share other inspiring stories please email