Celebrating Helpful and Friendly Service – Customer Feedback

Friday 12th January, 2018

Each week we receive fantastic feedback from our customers who take the time to thank colleagues who have gone the extra mile to provide helpful and friendly service. Below are some of the highlights from this week.

Rachel – Maynooth store 

After all my years of every week shopping in Tesco, I can say that the checkout girl was possibly the friendliest and most helpful person I have ever come across in Tesco.

She was exceptionally friendly and pleasant, didn’t rush me and offered to pack my bags and packed them correctly and seemed very happy to help me with a great attitude which you do not come across every day of the week.

Its makes such a pleasant change !!

So I took note of her name in my head … I would go to her every time I shop there. makes shopping a lot less stressful.

Latifa- Swords Superstore

Waiting at a checkout is not enjoyable – it’s routine and feels like a task. Latifa greeted us with a very friendly smile and asked us how we are.

Because of this, we signed up to a club card and would like to shop in the Swords Tesco again.

It’s this kind of positive and genuine attitude that so many staff lack in retail.

Myself and my girlfriend both commented on it as we left the store.



Mary- Finglas Clearwater store

Mary is an older woman who works on the checkouts.

She makes a special effort to remember customers and even your name. I always queue to go to her checkout as I enjoy the chat and banter wither her, and yet she does her job efficiently at the same time as chatting.

She will always tell you if you may be missing out on a two for one offer etc. or will go to great lengths to check prices and coupons etc.

She is a great staff member.


Hi, I visited the store Tesco in Douglas yesterday at about eleven o’clock, my experience in the checkout was very good. However, my experience in the customer service section was even better, a lady by the name of Amy served me. I have returned to the store to query a multi-buy where I thought was two for a price. However when I got to the checkout Amy asked another member of staff to check was it actually three for a price was the multi-buy offer, and the other member of staff went to the effort and actually brought up the third product for me. So Amy  in the customer service was able to scan in the two products and re-scanned the three products and I just paid the additional fifty cent allowing me to avail of the multi-buy, which I think is amazing customer service, thank you.

Well done to all our colleagues who received customer feedback this week and to all those who go the extra mile to serve Ireland’s shoppers better every day!