Celebrating helpful and friendly service

Friday 11th May, 2018

Every day our colleagues go the extra mile to serve our customers a little better every day and we want to celebrate and recognise them. This week we’ve received fabulous feedback on many of our colleagues including (l-r)…



Jamie from Dorset Street, Dublin

“I visited the store today with my son who has Down syndrome.

He can be loud at times as he doesn’t realize. In most places we visit people just kind of pretend he isn’t there as a way of pretending they don’t notice how loud he is being.

A member of your staff a young girl Jamie she had the patience of a Saint with my son.

I was buying my son a pretzel and she took the board to scan the barcode my son noticed it in her hand and got excited. He likes things that spin and move.

While I was getting my money (I took a minute or two going through my bag looking for my purse) Jamie showed my son how the board works and she was spinning it to show him the different items and she even let him hold it so he could spin It.

It was the first time in a long while I’ve been to a shop without having people stare at my son while he screams because Jamie gave him some attention and showed him something new.

My son Jack told me he wants to work with the spinning wheel in Tesco when he’s older. Thank You Jamie for acknowledging my child.”


Bobby from Dooradoyle, Limerick

“Hello. I live in Dublin, and when I was down in Limerick with my mother, I really thought the experience at Tesco Dooradoyle was out of this world.

I was able to find everything really easily, conveniently, and fast. I’m usually in a hurry with my two children. And I came out of there saying to my mother, oh my god, that was such a wonderful experience at Tesco.

I flew around and it was just fantastic experience. Everything was so easily laid out.

I found everything really quickly. And everybody was so helpful and friendly.

So well done to everybody there. My mother said I should go onto Tesco Views and let them know.

So I said I would-Thank you very much again.”



Ethel from Edenderry, Offally 

“Ethel is always a very polite and friendly lady when she serves me.

Every time I see her on the till I go straight to her because she’s always very friendly and I do have a lovely chat with her.

Even when she doesn’t serve me she always says hello and she is always smiling.”


Francis- Artaine, Dublin

“Francis was at the station for Scan and Shop and was very nice and informative.

She was the reason I used the service and it’s absolutely brilliant.

Thanks this is life changing.”