Colleague Spotlight: Barra McFeely – Buying Manager, Dairy

Friday 11th May, 2018

“I joined Tesco in early 2011.  I used to have my own artisan cheese business making Brie type cheeses and exporting them around the world.  I was attracted to Tesco as I felt it had the best reach and the widest range of any supermarket.

I started in Tesco as a  meat fish & poultry buyer where I worked on bringing more choice in the range we presented to customers.  I was proud of what I achieved in that role by improving the performance of the range.  

I’m now the buyer for milk, cream, cheese, butter and ‘free from’.  My job involves meeting with suppliers, sourcing food locally and sourcing the best product available.

I enjoy working with our suppliers, developing new products and knowing I’m responsible for the product in our stores.  . I love when customers respond really well to a product that I’ve introduced. To think that families all over Ireland are enjoying a fantastic range of great quality cheeses at a great price is very rewarding. We can now boast to having the broadest range of artisan cheeses in any supermarket in Ireland and that makes me really proud.  

I try to simplify the product display in stores so essentially, I try to ensure that there is enough space available on the shelf to display the product well.  We’ve also done a lot of work with training colleagues so they know how to best present the product.

Tesco is very family friendly.  The office culture means that people go a long way to ensure you’re part of a team.   I’m about 30 years into my career and this is probably the best work/life balance I’ve ever experienced.

Generally I find Tesco accepts people for who they are.  I can be a bit flamboyant at times.  Some large organisations can have a problem with that but I feel that Tesco accepts me for who I am.”