Celebrating helpful and friendly service

Friday 25th May, 2018

Every day our colleagues go the extra mile to serve our customers a little better every day and we want to celebrate and recognise them. This week we’ve received fabulous feedback on many of our colleagues including (l-r)…



Stephen from Baggot Street Upper, Dublin

“Stephen always greets customers with a friendly smile and is always accommodating.

He goes above and beyond to assist customers in any way he can.

Myself and my colleague visit this store on a daily basis to get lunch or other grocery items and Stephen is always on hand if any help is needed”


Jack from Mahon, Cork

“Jack was very helpful while I was shopping in the Fruit and Veg.

He had great knowledge of his department and was so polite and friendly, a great ambassador for Tesco Mahon.

Very well trained in Customer Service.”


Gavin from Tralee Manor, Kerry

“He was the most helpful fellow I’ve ever met.

Whenever I go Tesco and I need help I always look for him as he is well aware of the arrangement of the store and can help in no time.

He was also very helpful with picking the right brand and just overall very friendly.”


Lisa from Drumcondra, Dublin

“I see Lisa on a day to day basis and she is always given great service to all the customers and myself she always works hard and will always go out of her way to try and help customers no matter what she is doing she has often help people when she’s on her break she is very good and always works hard.

Keep it up Lisa you’re doing an amazing job!”