Celebrating helpful and friendly service

Friday 8th June, 2018

Every day our colleagues go the extra mile to serve our customers a little better every day and we want to celebrate and recognise them. This week we’ve received fabulous feedback on many of our colleagues including (l-r)…

Cliona from Clonmel, Tipperary 

“I usually don’t go through the trouble of giving feedback but I think credit where credit is due . This girl has served me a couple of times in the last week and is so pleasant, welcomed every customer in front of me with a smile and when I got to her she was no different and said a big hello to my daughter and chatted with her about the clothes she was buying and the toy she was getting my daughter was so excited to have such a fuss made over her.

I hope this feedback reaches her I did thank her but I would like her manager to know that they have a worker doing such a good job”

Val from Swords, Dublin

“Big Well done to Val who is Swords Holywell service superstar for May.

Great feedback from customers on how he goes above and beyond for them. Has the BWS in great shape also. Well done Val!”

Teresa from Roxboro, Limerick 

“I was served by a lady by the name Teresa that was very efficient, polite and about all her hospitality and services was second to none. I was also amaze at how quickly she was moving the customers and her speed on the checkout was very quick and again very efficient. Help me to pack my messages and also ask me had I coupons from other stores which I had vouchers from other stores -never complains just was quite efficient and polite through my whole shop. At the end of my transaction she handed me my receipt and told me to have a good day. She actually made my shopping experience quite remarkable and through the whole experience had a smile on her face and was chatting away like friends would chat. I just had to recommend this person because I just think that every supermarket could do with someone like this person there.”


Hayley from Clondalkin, Dublin

“I saw Hayley help an elderly man who was buying water for the local church, and the man could not take it all as it was too heavy Hayley got a trolley loaded up all the cases and walked up to the church with the man pushing all the water for him she’s a lovely girl always helpful even when she’s busy and I only got her name yesterday”