Colleagues are Bursting with Pride at the Dublin Pride Parade!

Monday 2nd July, 2018

Everyone’s Welcome at Tesco.  Wearing our Pride on our sleeve!

At the heart of our Diversity & Inclusion strategy is the pledge to continue to make Tesco a great place to work, a place where everyone feels welcome. What better way to announce our Out at Tesco ethos than to make a big splash at Dublin Pride! Committed to taking a lead in diversity in the workplace, we are proud to be a platinum sponsor and participate fully in the Dublin Pride.

Dublin Pride Parade 2018 was all about families and fun! The Pride Festival has always been a celebration of the rich diversity of the LGBTQ+ community in Dublin, Ireland and the world, however this year, we couldn’t help but feel the extra spring in people’s stride. The weather was amazing, bringing out the crowds in their droves. Over 60,000 people lined the streets to cheer us on.

And a fun day it was! The need to campaign for equal rights, while not completely disappeared, has exited centre stage and this year everyone was just in celebratory mood! And there is lots to celebrate! 35 years of Pride in Ireland, 25 years of decriminalisation, 100 years of women’s votes, a majority vote to legalise same sex marriage and this year, to top it off – a government apology to those who were so wrongly criminalised and mistreated in the past.

Having increased our involvement in Dublin Pride this year, Tesco was at the centre of the celebrations. We built on last year’s participation, with over 200 colleagues, family and friends turning up – all wearing our Bursting with Pride F&F Tesco T-shirts and carrying ‘Tesco Pride’ balloons. Colleagues and their guests got a goodie bag with water, sandwiches and snacks to get them through the day, while Tesco branded stands at both the start and end points, gave out much appreciated free fruit and water on what was a scorcher of a day.

Following speeches and entertainment from 12-2, the parade kicked off with a bang at 2pm, travelling from Stephen’s Green to the brand-new family friendly ‘Pride Village’ at Smithsfield Square. The Tesco Pride float took a lead position with DJ, cheerometer, streamer cannons and bubbles adding to the carnival atmosphere. Colleagues marching after the float carried 120ft long rainbow balloon snakes and handed out rainbow wings, flags, face paints and sweets to the crowd along the route.

Supporting the Pride Festival, 40 stores across Dublin displayed Bursting with Pride bunting and POS. In the weeks prior to the event, Pride flags, flower bands, face paints and wings went on sale in all Dublin stores. Bursting with Pride T-shirts were sold in select stores nationwide with the proceeds of sales going to Belong To, the national charity dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of LGBTI+ youth in Ireland.

Thanks to all colleagues who took part both in the preparations and on the day itself! Not only did our colleagues on the day have a day to remember but many participants also shared their thanks, praising Tesco for providing little helps on the day and for being a supporter of our LGBTQ+ colleagues.