Celebrating Helpful and Friendly Service

Friday 20th July, 2018

Each week we receive fantastic feedback from our customers who take the time to thank colleagues who have gone the extra mile to provide helpful and friendly service. Below are some of the highlights from this week:

Cliona from Clonmel

The main reason I am leaving this feedback is for the woman at the customer service desk she was busy serving customers non-stop and when we got to her George had seen that the gun she uses to scan products had a flashing red light and beeped as he was already on edge this affected him more. He wouldn’t put his paint set and colouring pad up on the counter for her to scan but she was so pleasant. When I mentioned why he was acting up she put the gun out of sight and chatted to him for a minute I was surprised how well he took to her he usually doesn’t respond well to people especially if he’s having a bad moment.

She promised him she wouldn’t use the beep or the light and instead she typed in something manually to put it through for us. She chatted to him about what page he was going to paint all the while typing in the rest of my products. I can’t express enough how much this meant to me it made what could have been an absolute nightmare of a trip a dream. George left happy and I left even happier”


Maria from Jervis Street

“Maria at the checkout is always friendly. I have noticed a consistency in how she approaches me and other customers versus other cashiers a

nd I often choose her lane.

This team member always greets me where ever she meets me in the store. On till she was polite, professional, greeted me, pleasant and gave me a farewell statement.

Overall she was excellent and am happy to queue to receive that pleasant. Real proper lady! Please ensure she receives this feedback and her line manager!”


Shane from Mullingar

“I mislaid my sons summer hat I mentioned it to a member of staff upon which he told his colleagues and they found his favourite hat a member of staff followed me to the parking lot to give my son his hat .”



Pawel from Paul Street

“I didn’t see Pawel on my most recent trip, however I have encountered him on numerous times over the past few years and he has always been pleasant and helpful.

He is friendly with other staff members and with customers even when he is under pressure in self-scan!”