Celebrating Helpful and Friendly Service

Friday 27th July, 2018

Each week we receive fantastic feedback from our customers who take the time to thank colleagues who have gone the extra mile to provide helpful and friendly service. Below are some of the highlights from this week:


Anne Malone from Liffey Valley

Ann has received 11 WOW comments in the last 2 weeks, here are some of them below:

“Anne was very helpful regarding an issue with the scan and shop device we were using on the day. Even though the store was very busy, she took the time not to rush us through and was calm and pleasant”

“Anne Malone on the tills was a pleasure, v cheery and happy to help”

“She was very friendly . When I wasn’t quick enough packing my shopping she offered me to help me. When I told her I had lost my clubcard gave me a temporary one and explained how to use the new one”

“I have had this lovely lady scan my shopping a few times and she is by far the most friendliest fun lady always smiling and always very very approachable.”

“Ann was cheerful and very helpful. She promoted a very positive image of Tesco.”

“She was very friendly and had a wonderful sense of humor”

“Anne gave me a friendly smile at the scan as you go check out and pro actively asked if any of my items I had scanned were security tagged, and I remembered then that one cosmetic item was tagged. Had she not reminded me I would have set the alarm off, not what you want after a long day in work. Anne was so smiley and professional, I have been a Customer Service manager for over 20 years and wish all my staff was as good. Give her an award please.”

“Smiling, chatty but not loud. Articulate and helpful. Clear spoken, great eye contact. Just a very nice experience. Came away feeling very Happy.”


Brian from Tralee Manor

“I asked Brian if he could check for me if an item was still stocked in the store. He did so and then got the items (4 bottles of tonic water) down from the top shelf. As I found them quite heavy he offered to take them out to my car for me. Whilst waiting at the checkout I told Brian how much I appreciated his help. His reply was “that’s what we are here for” . This young man appears to be totally customer focused and an asset to any business.”




Sandra from Celbridge

“There was a bit of a mix up over a special offer, that I got confused over. Sandra was very patient and calm. She explained everything she did for me. I was worried about the queue of people behind me, she put me at ease and told me not to worry about it, that is was my turn and that is what she was there for. It was nice not to feel I was being pushed aside in a hurry.”



Joe from our Customer Service Centre, Waterford

“Dear Joe, You were very helpful to me today when I called Clubcard with top up code problems. I’ve successfully topped up my phone. Thank you for your help, support and advice.”