Celebrating Helpful and Friendly Service

Friday 21st September, 2018

Each week we receive fantastic feedback from our customers who take the time to thank colleagues who have gone the extra mile to provide helpful and friendly service. Below are some of the highlights from this week:


Jess from Swords Holywell

I would appreciate if you could acknowledge the excellent customer service Jessica gave me whilst I was shopping in your store.

I brought my groceries to her till, the till dedicated for scanners and there was a family in front of me with a shopping. Just as I was about to be served another member of the family in front of me came up with a basket of items to be put through on a separate bill.

She very politely and assertively told them there was a queue, but they said they were part of the family. Jessica put their shopping through. When she greeted me with my shopping the first thing she did was to apologise over what happen and for the delay. To me this was excellent customer service, as I could have left your store very angry and upset if I had not seen and heard Jessica speaking to customer and advising them they should have queued. Again at the end of my shop she apologised. To top things over I was bringing my groceries out to the car and next of all I heard someone calling me. She was running after me with my laser card, as I had left in the machine. In my opinion she went above and beyond that day with her customer service. Thank you.


Catherine from Abbeyfeale

Catherine was in such good humour and saluted everyone queuing at the customer services. When it was my turn she told me I had a meal deal with the sandwich and crisps I wanted to purchase if I wanted to get a drink it would be free. She told me take a moment to get it and she scanned my other items and bagged them for me while I was gone. She is a really good representative for Tesco to promote such a high level of customer service.



Mary from Kildare

As I said I was at normal check outs, it was very busy. Mary called me to self-scans which I hate using, even though she was busy she took the time to put my shopping through. She was so helpful, showing me how to use them as she put the shopping through.



Maria from Baggot Street Lower

She was helpful and friendly and I when I mentioned her that I could not find ice , she went to the freezer and found out it was sold out then she went to the store room and got me an ice bag from there..