Helpful and Friendly Service

Friday 5th October, 2018

Every day our colleagues go above and beyond Serving Ireland’s Shoppers a Little Better Every Day. This week we have some wonderful examples of service from across the country to share with you:

Jack – Fairview store

Jack was very friendly in greeting me when I arrived and when I got to the till, asked me how my day was going.

He always seems really productive every time I’m in doing shopping he’s either helping a customer or cleaning the shop or helping on the tills.

I found when he arrived in to the store it seemed a happier place to shop.

Also very handsome and charming chap!



Katie- Cabra

Katie was very helpful today and during previous visits, she gave me plenty of time to pack my shopping and also helped me when she was finished scanning everything.

She was very polite and lovely to chat to and I noticed her interacting with the customer ahead of me and his young child in a lovely way, smiling and chatting to the child whilst scanning the shopping at the same time.



Thomas – Balbriggan

Lovely lad on the fruit and veg area.

Was struggling to find organic tomatoes but he brought me around the corner to a whole section devoted to lots of organic fruit and veg so I now know where to find it all in future.

Thx Thomas or I wouldn’t have found them





Catherine- Tallaght

This lady needs a special mention.

We were using the photo machine and Catherine showed us how to print the photos from my husband’s phone and stayed with us until we finished. She really went out of her way to help us.