Celebrating Helpful and Friendly Service

Friday 12th October, 2018

Every day our colleagues go above and beyond Serving Ireland’s Shoppers a Little Better Every Day. This week we have some wonderful examples of service from across the country to share with you:


Michael from Edenderry

“After going through the checkout and on my way out Michael seen that I was struggling a bit as I had 3 young kids with me he offered to push my trolley to the car while I took control of the kids. When I got to the car I realised I forgot an important item again Michael offered to go back and get it for me. This kind of service was second to none. Never before had I received such fantastic service from anyone.” 


Tomas from Ashbourne

“Tomas is always friendly and offered some nice wines to buy. All my guests were delighted and also gave me a few recipes of the delicious cocktails. Very helpful and would like to say a Big thank you again that my guests were not disappointed.”



Orla from Clarehall

“She interacted with my two young children which is a big help in reducing stress levels when shopping with children. She offered my oldest child some blue tokens and told him it was because he was a big boy – of course he was delighted to hear this! Thank you.”