Tesco wins Irish Quality Food Retailer of the Year 2018!

Friday 19th October, 2018

We are delighted and very proud to let you know that we were awarded the coveted title of Retailer at the Year at the Irish Quality Food Awards last night.


Alongside this, we won an amazing 36 product awards outright and almost 70 commendations and highly commended accolades, sweeping the boards with 100 trophies for Tesco own label products across categories including fresh produce, meat, bakery, frozen, snacks and beers and wines.


To pick up so many awards for our own label products, awards we share with our supplier partners, is a testament to the unwavering passion for quality we hold; as well as the hard work and dedication of our team and our suppliers.


We’re particularly proud of the four category wins for our finest* Irish Angus West Cork steaks; to add to their already impressive collection this year, including the World Steak Challenge.


Winning so many individual product ‘Q’ awards is a fantastic endorsement of our products and very impactful from a customer perspective; every product entered receives judges feedback and we’re thrilled that our products were so well received.


Well done and thank you to the teams across our business who work so hard to ensure we have the best quality products available for our customers.



Check out the full list of wins below:


Winners Highly Commended Commended
Tesco Watermelon Lollies Tesco Pinweapple lollies Tesco FF Crème Caramel Dessert
Tesco  Organic low fat milk Tesco Free From Plain Crackers Tesco FF Toffee and Vanilla Cones
Twsco Free From Red Lentil Fusilli Tesco FF Cranberry and white chocolate cookies Tesco Brown Rice Fusilli
Resco Finest Free From Dark Chocolate and ginger Cookies Finest FF Chocolate cake Tesco Finest High Protein Loaf
Tesco FF fruit Split Tesco FF Soys Alternative Natural Yogurt Tesco coconut energy bites
Tesco Crunchy 3 nut Butter Tesco Wholefoods quick cook 7 grains Tesco Lentil curls sour cream and chives
Tesco Reduced fat Hummus – Meditteranian selection Tesco white Rustic Baguette Tesco finest brie de meaux
Tesco no added sugar chunky veg pasta sauce Tesco Finest 7 nut granola Tesco Finest Magical woodland Charlotte cheesecake
Tesco energy boost smoothie mix Tesco multi seed porridge oas Tesco Finest chocolate and cherry snow globe
Tesco Finest coconut biscuit slices Tesco finest Comte Tesco Finest Iriish Cheese Selection
Tesco Glorious grain loaf Tesco Fines t Saint felicien Tesco Finest boneless leg of lamb
Tesco Finest olive and rosemary Lunga Tesco Fish Nuggets Tesco finest Sicilian extra virgin olive oil
Tesco Finest seeded wheaten Tesco Finest dry curred ham with mulling spices Tesxco indian chicken ticca and chicken Jalfrezi
Tesco finest gruiere chese Tesco tropical smoothie mix Tesco finest ranch steaks with garlic butter
Tesco Finest camembert d’isigney en normandie Tesco Seasonal raspberry and Apple Berries Tesco finest boarossa Chiraz
Tesco Finest gorgonzola Piccante Tesco organic chestnut mushrooms Tesco finest COONAWARRA cabernet
Tesco Finest Pomodirini Sauce Tesco Finest Irish Angus Ribeye styeak Tesco Finest Malborough SB
Tesco finest morroccan cus cus Tesco Fines t irish angus sirloin steak Tesco finest PicPOUL de pinet
Tesco finest 6 corn fed omega 3 eggs Tesco Guest T Bone steak Tesco Finest Vinas de del rey albrino
Tesco finest sunkissed melon Tesco finest Chipotle beefburger Tesco Finest Gaillac Perle
Tesco ready to eat medium avacado Tesco finest honey anmd mustard sausage Tesco Finest Prosecco Docg
Tesco finest salted caramel and butterscotch ice cream Tesco Finest squash and provolagirasole pasta Tesco Aromatic Gin
Tesco finest risretto capsules Tesco whole foods quick cook 7 grains Tesco French Vodka
Tesco finest canadian maple smoked dry cured rashers Tesco Finest garlic king prawn Pizza Tesco Salted Cream Liquer
Tesco finest Irish angus fillet steak Tesco Finest thai green chicken curry and coconut Jasmine rice
Tesco Finest west cirk dry aged Rib Eye Tesco Finest pork rib rack with apple and cinnamon sauce
Tesco finest west ciork dry aged striploin Tesco finest pea and mint crush with Edamame beans
Tesco guest big Kanses Steak Tesco finest Gouda and edam crispies
Tesco Finest teraditional pork sausages Tesco finest strawberry and dark chocolate popcorn
Tesco the city kitchen brazilian coconut chicken Tesco tomato and basil soup
Tesco finest minervois Tesco finest las lomas shirax
Tesxco finest the triligy Malbec tesco finest saint cinian
Tesco Finest Alsace Gewurztraniner Tesco finest finest the triligy malbec
Tesco Finest Vintage Champagne Tesco finest Chateanuneuf de pape
tesco Finest Rose Non vintage Champagne Tesco finest tinglup Riesling
Tesco Rye River Brewing Solas Brown Porter Tesco Finest Vintage Champagne
Tesco Finest Premier Cru Champagne
Tesco XO Brandy