Celebrating Helpful & Friendly Service

Friday 9th November, 2018

Every day our colleagues go above and beyond Serving Ireland’s Shoppers a Little Better Every Day. Again this week we have some wonderful examples of service from across the country to share with you:


Amanda from Clonmel

“I was at the self-scan checkout with my 5 week old baby. I scanned an item through and it set off the till for assistance, my daughter started crying as she was looking for a feed and Amanda was walking passed. She came straight into self-scan to clear the till and proceeded to scan the rest of my shopping through for me so I could settle my daughter. She even packed my shopping for me and offered to bring it to the car for me. By coming to help me she made my trip easier. I will definitely be back as the store has great parent and baby parking and also enough baby trolleys. And again thanks Amanda for coming to my rescue.”



Jade from Phibsboro

“There was an elderly lady in front of me at the customer service desk. She thought she had lost her pension money in the shop and was getting very upset she was nearly in tears. The girl at the till went around and helped her look for it and eventually found it sitting on a shelf. I thought it was a lovely thing to do for someone and I hope this girl is recognized for this, She was talk with red hair I asked someone what her name was and they said jade so I hope Tesco do something for this girl because she was very kind to that customer and I thought it was great customer service on her part.”