Celebrating Helpful and Friendly Service

Friday 30th November, 2018

Every day our colleagues go above and beyond, Serving Ireland’s Shoppers a Little Better Every Day. Again this week we have some wonderful examples of service from across the country to share with you:


Store Team from Dundalk Extra Store

Congratulations – Tesco Extra Dundalk was voted the top supermarket in Dundalk in this month’s Checkout Retail Report Card-

Tesco is our Retail Report Card winner for the second month in a row, receiving an unbeatable score of 100% from our mystery shopper, who described his visit to the store as “a positive experience from start to finish”


Stephanie from Kildare

“I just returned from holidays, the cupboards were bare, I felt a bit stressed, and tired. This young lady had seen me approach the till, she was friendly and efficient, and when I gave her my coupon, she let me know I was €5 short, so I ran around to make up the shortfall while she packed my bags.”




Daniel from Rathfarnham

“Well done to Daniel who gets some amazing customer reviews about his customer service. Daniel really does go above and beyond for customers and is a great ambassador for Tesco Rathfarnham.”