Data Privacy Day 2019 – Tips for protecting your personal data

Monday 28th January, 2019

Today is Data Privacy Day which is celebrated each year and is designed to encourage extra vigilance when it comes to protecting your personal data.


We have a few tips to protect yourselves and your families personal data.

1. Protect your phone/tablet from malware

  • Malware (short for ‘malicious software’) is used by hackers to collect information from, or gain access to, your device.
  • You can install software to help protect your device, including third-party apps, antivirus/antispyware and browsers. Ask Google for the best current examples. Although malware is hard to spot, there are some signs to look out for:
  • Your device sends emails or texts you didn’t write
  • Apps appear that you didn’t download
  • Your device slows down or performs badly

2. Pay attention to browser warnings

  • The internet browser you use is the gateway to the online world. It’s important to keep it up to date so that its built-in security features can continue to help protect you online. Act on any warnings your browser gives you.

3. Install updates

  • Always install the latest security updates to stay protected against the latest threats. If an update is available, you’ll usually receive an alert to 
let you know. Download and install it as soon as you can.

For more useful tips, check out the ‘useful downloads’ section below.

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