Clean as you go

In 2017 there were 1,688 Health and Safety incidents in our stores.

Slips, Trip and Falls comprise over 38% of all health and safety incidents in our stores; with customer incidents making up 75% of Slip, Trip & Fall incidents and colleagues making up the remaining 25%.

Since we introduced our Clean as You Go Tools in 2012 stores have done a great job of reducing hazards in our stores and as a result we have seen a continuous drop in the overall number of incidents each year. 2017 saw a reduction of 17% in the total number of incident since 2014.

While these reductions in the overall number of store health and safety incidents are noteworthy we cannot become complacent and must strive to meet Dave Lewis’s stated aspiration that “No one should be injured while working or shopping in our stores”.

Your continued vigilance and implementation of Our Clean as You Go policy will help us to see ongoing reductions in the number of incidents each year.

This year to raise awareness of everyone’s role in making Tesco a safe place to work and shop we are asking everyone to review the contents of our Clean as You Go drawers and the uses for each item of equipment.

We are also asking colleagues to enter a Health and Safety Quiz and help their store to be in with a chance to win €250 for their stores sports and social fund. Click here to enter!