Our Code Of Business Conduct


Our Code of Business Conduct is designed to help and protect us as we go about our work for Tesco.  In a competitive, fast-moving and increasingly regulated marketplace, it is important that each of us understands the rules that we must follow and the conduct that is expected of us in order to do a great job for customers and help Tesco to play a valuable role in society.

The Code describes our most important legal obligations and policies that must guide our conduct.  As colleagues, we are responsible for following the Code.  Wherever we work and whatever our role, the Code is there to help keep us safe and protect the reputation of our business among customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders.  Whether we are new to Tesco or have worked for our business for some time, it is important that we take time to understand how the Code applies to us.

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Our Code means more than just following the law and our policies.  It’s about using our Values and Leadership Skills to guide our conduct and decision-making so that we are always doing the right thing at work and working in a fair, open and honest way.

If you ever have any concerns about your own conduct or that of another person, you must speak up straight away and talk to someone you trust, starting with your line manager.  Alternatively, speak to your Personnel Manager or the Legal team.  Or, if you feel the need to raise your concern anonymously, you can call Protector Line in complete confidence.

I want everyone who works for Tesco to be proud of our business and of our achievements for customers and the communities of which we are a part.  Knowing our policies, applying good judgement, being honest and speaking up are just some of the ways that we can build pride in Tesco and help build a stronger business for the future.

Dave Lewis

Group CEO

What is the Business Code Of Conduct?

Our Code of Business Conduct sets down our minimum expectations for all colleagues, wherever they are based and whichever Tesco business they work for. It provides guidance on each key risk area that might arise in our role. There are 21 of these and for each issue the Code tells us who to contact if we need help or more information.

Our Code brings together three elements which keep us safe. At the heart of our Code is the simple principle that we always follow the law. The trust of our customers depends on our reputation as a law-abiding business.

To make sure we follow the law, we have developed policies and blueprints on each key risk issue. These provide us with a protective layer of training, guidance and support to ensure that we know how the rules apply to us.

Beyond the law and our policies, we must always be guided by our Tesco Values. Our Values provide another layer of protection that can guide us when we make difficult decisions. They ensure that we “do the right thing”, often going further than the letter of the law and our policies.

Our Values

Our Values guide us when we have difficult decisions to make. By following our Values, we can be sure to do the right thing.

  • We treat everyone how they like to be treated
  • No one tries harder for customers
  • Every little help makes a big difference

How To Use Our Business Code of Conduct

As a colleague we must:

  • Make sure we are familiar with the Code and know how to access it.
  • Follow the law and our policies and know how the Code applies to our roles.
  • Always attend training on Coderelated issues.
  • Use our Values to help us ‘do the right thing’.
  •  Speak up if we think the Code or the law has been breached in any way.
  •  Ask questions if we are ever unsure.

And if you are a people manager you must also:

  • Understand the Code and be able to communicate its key messages.
  • Ensure all new starters are trained on the Code and understand it.
  • Act responsibly if a team member tells you they think the Code has been breached.
  • Speak up if you think others are breaching our policies or are not demonstrating the Tesco Values.

How Can I Speak Up?

Who Should I Speak To?

In everything we do, it’s important always to have an open and honest relationship with your line manager.  This means that your line manager is the person you should speak to first – unless you think they have breached the Code. If you cannot speak to your line manager, you can speak to your Personnel Manager, your local Legal Director or your local Loss Prevention & Security Director.

Alternatively, you could escalate your concerns within your own business function if your line manager has not resolved your concern. If you need to raise your concern in complete confidence, you can contact your local Protector Line.

About Our Protector Line

The Protector Line number is 1800 567 014.

Protector Line allows you to raise real concerns regarding misconduct at work. If you do not feel able to speak to your manager or your Personnel Manager, you can call Protector Line to raise any concerns about something at work you think might be unlawful , that breaches the Code or is against company policy, report anything you think is a danger to colleagues, customers or the general public or share any concerns you have that information about these things is being deliberately concealed.

Protector Line is completely confidential. You don’t have to give your name when you call although if you do, Protector Line will be able to update you on the outcome of any investigation and will also be able to contact you for additional information if necessary.

As a business we support the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (and its foreign law equivalents, which in Ireland is the Protected Disclosures Act 2014) which protects the confidentiality of complaints. This means that as long as your concerns are genuine, you are legally protected from victimisation and will not be at risk of any form of retribution, including losing your job, as a consequence of raising a concern – even if you are mistaken

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